Recent Submissions

  • Investigating design issues in e-learning 

    Madiba, Ntimela Rachel Matete (University of the Western Cape, 2009)
    The adoption of information technology as an aid to organisational efficiency and effectiveness has a long history in business and public administration, but its application to the processes of teaching and learning in ...
  • eLearning adoption in Eastern and Southern African higher education institutions 

    Njenga, James Kariuki (University of the Western Cape, 2011)
    This research was undertaken to propose a model for eLearning adoption in Higher Education in Africa and to identify and empirically test measures to assess the model. The model identified eLearning, individual and ...
  • The use of computers among secondary school educators in the Western Cape Central Metropole 

    Naicker, Visvanathan (University of the Western Cape, 2010)
    The use of computers in the classroom could allow both educators and learners to achieve new capabilities. There are underlying factors, however, that are obstructing the adoption rate of computer use for instructional ...