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  • Exploring the psycho-social determinants of heavy alcohol drinking amongst women in Oshana, Namibia 

    Shikoyeni, Hilya Ndeapo (University of the Western Cape, 2016)
    Heavy alcohol drinking is a serious health concern in many African countries such as Namibia and South Africa. The heavy use of alcohol is mainly due to avoid coping with the realities of life. There is however, a paucity ...
  • Lived experiences of coporate bullying 

    De Voux, Hilary (University of the Western Cape, 2022)
    Corporate bullying is a social phenomenon that impacts negatively on employee wellness, relationships in the workplace, and on family well-being. The aim of this qualitative study was to understand the lived experiences ...
  • Women's experiences encountering loss and grief in Nyanga, Western Cape 

    McLea, Hilary Follett (University of the Western Cape, 2013)
    Research on loss and grief is based on Western contexts and assumes a level of safety and security within which bereaved individuals can be supported in coming to a resolution of their loss. The lives of women in Nyanga ...