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  • The Effects of Cadmium and Lead on Phaseolus vulgaris 

    Brandt, Clarissa (University of the Western Cape, 2012)
    The demand for better quality produce by consumers is on the increase, as higher heavy metal concentrations pose a problem in agriculture. They result in decreased yield and unsuitable food for human consumption. This ...
  • The inorganic pollution of the Franschhoek River : sources and solutions 

    Adams, Kim Marie (University of the Western Cape, 2011)
    The aim of the study was to quantify the extent of inorganic chemical pollution of the Franschhoek River and draw relationships between contaminants in water, sediment and plants. The invasive Acacia mearnsii and Salix ...
  • Vegetable farms in Cape Town: water quality and possible remediation techniques 

    Martin, Annamarie Guinnevere (University of the Western Cape, 2012)
    Heavy metal contamination tends to be a problem in inner city agricultural areas and gardens. High levels of certain heavy metals have been found in the soil and vegetables in the Cape Town Metropolitan area. The aim of ...