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  • Codes from uniform subset graphs and cycle products 

    Fish, Washiela (University of the Western Cape, 2007)
    In this thesis only Binary codes are studied. Firstly, the codes overs the field GF(2) by the adjacency matrix of the complement T(n), ofthe triangular graph, are examined. It is shown that the code obtained is the full ...
  • Codes, graphs and designs from maximal subgroups of alternating groups 

    Mumba, Nephtale Bvalamanja (University of the Western Cape, 2018)
    The main theme of this thesis is the construction of linear codes from adjacency matrices or sub-matrices of adjacency matrices of regular graphs. We first examine the binary codes from the row span of biadjacency ...
  • Codes, graphs and designs related to iterated line graphs of complete graphs 

    Kumwenda, Khumbo (University of the Western Cape, 2011)
    In this thesis, we describe linear codes over prime fields obtained from incidence designs of iterated line graphs of complete graphs Li(Kn) where i = 1, 2. In the binary case, results are extended to codes from neighbourhood ...