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    Faith based peace building [1]
    Federal deposit insurance corporation [1]
    Fiduciary duties [1]
    Financial markets [1]
    Financial regulation [3]
    Financial sector integration [1]
    Financial services [1]
    Financial services regulation and supervision [1]
    Fixed-term contract [1]
    Foreign Direct Investment [1]
    Foreign direct investment [3]
    Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) [1]
    Foreign qualifications [1]
    Free Trade Area (FTA) [1]
    Gambling is defined as wagering money on an event with an uncertain outcome. Gambling thus requires three elements to be present: consideration, chance and prize. Gambling activities were historically considered immoral; this was the basis for the common law unenforceability of gambling debts. Recently this stigma has faded and gambling has become a recreational activity. The history of gambling in South Africa and its introduction into the mainstream economy started with the Bantustans. These areas were considered independent countries by the Apartheid government, thus the general prohibition against gambling did not extend to them. At the end of the Apartheid regime a decision had to be made regarding the 17 casinos licensed to operate in the Bantustans. As a result of the introduction of the Interim Constitution, the Howard commission and the resultant Lotteries and Gambling Board Act, gambling became legal in South Africa. [1]
    General agreement on tariff and trade [1]
    General Agreement on Trade in Services [1]
    Generic medicines [1]
    Genetic resources [1]
    German federal labour court [1]