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  • The effects of reverse bias on the efficiency of dye solar cells 

    le Roux, Lukas Johannes (University of the Western Cape, 2009)
    Dye-sensitised solar cells (DSC) have attracted much attention during the last few years due to their high efficiencies and their potentially low production costs. The technology is based on a thin layer of nano sized, ...
  • TiO2 nanotube based dye- sensitised solar cells 

    Cummings, Franscious Riccardo (University of Western Cape, 2012)
    This work investigated the synthesis of Al2O3-coated TiO2 nanotubes via the anodisation technique for application in DSCs. TiO2 nanotube arrays with an average length of 15 μm, diameter of 50 nm and wall thickness of 15 ...
  • TiO₂ nanotube based dye-sensitised solar cells 

    Cummings, Franscious Riccardo (University of the Western Cape, 2012)
    The first report of a functioning photo-electrochemical solar cell in 1991 attracted a lot of interest from scientists and industrial groups. From an industrial point of view these so-called dye-sensitised solar cells ...