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  • Epidemiology of oral cancer in South Africa 1996-2002 

    Ndui, Mary K. (University of the Western Cape, 2011)
    Oral cancer is characterised by marked geographical differences in frequency and site preference as reported by various studies. In South Africa, a few studies have been reported on the patterns and aetiology of oral cancer, ...
  • Epidemiology of oral malignancies in the Sudan 

    Mosalleum, Esraa (University of the Western Cape, 2014)
    Background: Reports on the global incidence of oral neoplasms indicate reduced data from Africa. Population based studies of oral cancer in Sudan and other regions of Africa are scarce. Oral cancer in Sudan constitutes a ...
  • Management of oral ulcers and oral thrush by Community Pharmacists. 

    Amien, Feroza (University of the Western Cape, 2009)
    Oral ulcers and oral thrush could be indicative of serious illnesses such as oral cancer, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), among others. There are many different health care workers that can be ...