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  • Around a Fire: Poems of Memory and Ritual 

    Mpuma, Nondwe (University of the Western Cape, 2019)
    This Creative Writing mini-thesis offers a deep meditation on what it means to speak to ritual and memory. The thesis is compiled from a collection of original creative work as well as a short reflective essay that present ...
  • Bab’aba - Ugly short stories 

    Nxadi, Julie Ruth Sikelwa (University of the Western Cape, 2018)
    Bab’aba - Ugly Short Stories is a collection of vignettes whose function is to colour and collage three portraits of Black women characters; namely, a rural woman (Nozikhali), a township teenager (Zola), and a child/baby ...
  • A cow’s meat: an original collection of poems and photographs that explores the influence of imagery in narrative 

    Deane, Kirsten (University of the Western Cape, 2023)
    This MACW mini-thesis will examine how photography can inspire narrative in a poem and enhance the impact of its imagery. As I embarked on my journey of writing, I came to the point of needing to augment its effect. So I ...
  • Dance on the red-brown earth 

    Conradie, Ina (University of the Western Cape, 2020)
    Nandi, Java and Uuka are students at a Cape Town university, where they are enrolled in a film making course. Adela, their lecturer, will supervise their screenplay and film on a story which depicts the experience of the ...
  • I am not a colour: A novella 

    Gcwadi, Madoda (University of the Western Cape, 2018)
    Nobathembu lifts her hand and waves at her neighbour. She is watering spinach in her garden with a jug from a bucket. At age sixty-nine, her beauty shines. The sun is high on the echoes of Nyanga village – echoes of ...
  • In-between: a collection of poems of loss and memory 

    Williams, Justin (University of the Western Cape, 2022)
    My mini-thesis in Creative Writing aims to explore memory and childhood through the lens of spatial and temporal consciousness. The vehicle for navigating these memories, whether individual or collective, real or surreal, ...
  • Lady Liberty 

    Orner, Phyllis June (University of the Western Cape, 2016)
  • Learning to Exhale 

    Mojapelo, Lebohang (University of the Western Cape, 2019)
    My MA mini-thesis in Creative Writing is a collection of 33 poems titled Learning to Exhale. The poems are centred around a character – a black African woman who is sharing her experiences of mental illness. The poems ...
  • Let’s go home: Stories and portraits 

    Phillips, Jolyn (University of the Western Cape, 2014)
    Let's Go Home encompasses thirteen short stories inspired by the Coloured fishing community of Blompark in Gansbaai. These stories embody a range of voices and perspectives, some contemporary, some set in the past thirty ...
  • Lost on the way home 

    Levy, Moira (University of Western Cape, 2018)
    This is a novella about homelessness, and the forms of exile, loss and displacement that it creates. Based in South Africa and Palestine/Israel, it is a story about four men who all find themselves alienated and marginalised ...
  • The marginal grey: A collection of short stories 

    Douman, Bronwyn (University of the Western Cape, 2015)
    A Collection of Short Stories.
  • Molla's music 

    Mudge, Ethne (University of the Western Cape, 2017)
    Molla's Music is a novella about Maureen (Molla), a white Afrikaans woman born in 1935 in Cape Town, who faced poverty and abandonment before apartheid and who, during apartheid, faced the choice between an unwanted pregnancy ...
  • 'n Maatskaplikewerk-profiel van persoonsontbering in die Swartland met spesifieke verwysing na die groter Chatsworth-gebied 

    Blankenberg, Jurine Henry (University of Western Cape, 2002)
    Hierdie skripsie wil die mens en sy ervarings, of dit wat hy binne 'n bepaalde gebied beleef, blootlê. Daarmee saam kom 'n duidelike teoretiese beskouing na vore om die persoon in sy gedepriveerde gemeenskap uit te beeld. ...
  • Native: An album of modern South African blues songs 

    Ellis, John (University of the Western Cape, 2021)
    This Creative Writing project is an album of South African songs written specifically in the context of American blues music. Although blues is an intrinsically American genre of Western popular music, it has its roots ...
  • Of flowers and tears 

    Rodkin, Hayley Amanda (University of Western Cape, 2018)
    The collection of ten short stories, Of Flowers and Tears, aims to capture the events that have shaped my life, impacted on my community. It hopefully gives a voice to topics such as mental trauma, sibling strife, abortion, ...
  • Post–exilic an old South African returns to the new South Africa 

    Devereux, Stephen (University of Western Cape, 2020)
    This portfolio of poems, prose poems and short fiction pieces is quasi-autobiographical and tracks the trajectory of my life, from childhood in Cape Town (‘pre-exilic’) to emigration abroad (‘exilic’) and return to Cape ...
  • The price of liberty: A collection of poems and prose that explore the interplay between freedom and sacrifice 

    Schmidt, David (University of Western cape, 2020)
    The Price of Liberty: A collection of poems and prose that explores the interplay between freedom and sacrifice. David Schmidt This mini-thesis explores the interplay between concepts of freedom and sacrifice. It comprises ...
  • Reflexive Essay 

    Cornelius, Jerome (University of the Western Cape, 2011)
    His brown hands, tanned darker than they already were from hours of supervising men shoveling sand and mixing concrete on building sites, gripped the steering wheel. Hendrick Vermeulen drove down Voortrekker Road after a ...
  • The secret life of doors 

    Meyer, M (University of the Western Cape, 2021)
    This mini-thesis explores the poetic journey toward the subconscious images of an individual’s memory. It comprises a collection of 35 authentic poems and a reflective essay that examines the uncovering during the creative ...
  • The Sound of the Unseen 

    Horwitz, Samantha H. (University of the Western Cape, 2021)
    This work of fiction explores the themes of relational dynamics, oppression, intergenerational trauma, and the healing and self-actualisation that can be obtained by helping others. It incorporates numerous historical ...